GMi was divinely commissioned by the Lord on 4th January 2002 from Matt.5:13-16.

The Goodworker Ministry International (GMi) is a youth-focused, non-profit, non-governmental and non-denominational Christian faith-based organization that is committed to positive youth development in Nigeria. Our primary aim is to provide solutions to the causes and consequences of substance abuse, and by extension, curb social vices and deviant behaviors amongst the youth.
We believe that substance abuse is a major causal factor for many social vices perpetrated by the youth, therefore, if the problem of substance abuse can be addressed and solved, incidences of social vices will be greatly reduced.

The cardinal objective of the organization is the use of evidence and faith-based influence and grace to make a positive difference in our present world. Our special focus is on the youth and vulnerable people in our communities.

GMi is registered in Nigeria as an incorporated registered Trustee with Registration Number CAC|IT| No 23178.

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